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From Mattom <>
Subject Re: Dynamic generation of CForms
Date Thu, 07 Apr 2005 10:10:23 GMT
Ok, so I'll try to do it with a pipeline. This rises some additional 
questions :-).

Write a generator to get the XML Metadata, no problem.

Write a stylesheet that transforms the metadata to a form defintion 
should be no problem, too.

But I am not sure, what my pipeline should be, I assume it should be 
something like the following snippet, but I have no clue how to mix my 
generator with the form_action_Template generator from the sample...

<map:match patter="myform">
    <!-- this will get the metadata from the dblayer and throw it into 
the pipeline -->
    <map:generate type="DBLayerMetadataGenerator">
       <map:parameter name="TableName" value="contracts" />

    <!-- now to the transformation to a form definition -->
    <map:transfrom src="some_cool_stylesheet.xsl" />

    <!-- now i have a form def in the pipeline and would like to call 
something like the form1_template_action.xml, that does some grouping to 
my formdef
         | in the example this is done by a generator, which won't work 
for me, because I have the generator aboth
    <map:generate src="form1_template_action.xml" />

    <!-- then the forms transformator is called -->
    <map:transfrom type="forms" label="content1" />

    <!-- and now some i18n, layouting and serializing... no problem here -->

I hope I was able to explain my problem :-).

Thank you,

 >Le 7 avr. 05, à 11:23, Mattom a écrit :
 >> ...Now I am not sure what the approach would be, should I..
 >> ...o) Do a pipeline  approach, with a generator getting xml from my db
 >> layer, then a pipeline xslt transformation..
 >Certainly the best way - and make sure to make this pipeline's 
intermediate stages available (via sitemap views for example) for debugging.

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