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From Mattom <>
Subject Re. Dynamic generation of CForms
Date Thu, 07 Apr 2005 12:39:08 GMT
Ok, so I do aggregate the form defintion and template to one xml !?

I tried this with the sample from the, aggregating the 
form definition with the template in an new <anyroottag> and then 
passing it through the xslt transformer mentioned in
Nothing dynamic here ok, but, one xml as definition, and one as template...

I do get some output, but actually the form template does not know about 
the form definition... is there any sample for the XSLT way of 
publishing CForms (nothing in the blocks/samples/forms) ?

Thank you,

I know it's a brute attack, and I am trying further while waiting for 

 >>Le 7 avr. 05, à 12:10, Mattom a écrit :
 >> ...   <!-- now i have a form def in the pipeline and would like to
 >> call something like the form1_template_action.xml, that does some
 >> grouping to my formdef
 >>         | in the example this is done by a generator, which won't work
 >> for me, because I have the generator ...
 >Using map:aggregate should help, see

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