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From Johannes Textor <>
Subject Re: Cocoon, Hibernate and HSQL
Date Sat, 09 Apr 2005 14:31:36 GMT
Leszek Gawron schrieb:

> You can put all your database configuration data in hibernate.cfg.xml 
> and it will work just fine. No need to use cocoon connection pools.

Although this is slightly offtopic, I'd like to give my 2c on this 
(since it would mean that my poor tutorial would be useless ;) ):

The Hibernate builtin connection pool is for testing purposes only. It 
might work on some databases, but I definately saw it break on MySQL 
when leaving it running overnight. AFAIK, Hibernate is designed to work 
with an extern implementation of connection pooling, and supplies its 
own pooling just to get people started quicker.

One more reason to use cocoon connection pooling might be that you might 
find it a little nicer to have one central place to put your database 
credentials and have only one pooling implementation running in your 
webapp. The cocoon builtin connection pool was the first thing that came 
into my mind when I implemented this.

As far as I am aware of it, most people prefer using Swing and C3PO 
instead, but few stick around with the Hibernate builtin pool, at least 
not when putting the app into production.

Thoughts ?


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