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From Adam Walsh <>
Subject Re: [Forms] validation mystery
Date Mon, 11 Apr 2005 23:19:17 GMT
Hi Ben,

Do you have something like this in your sitemap?

<map:match pattern="someURI">
    <map:call continuation="{request-param:continuation-id}"/>


Ben Anderson wrote:

>I've been battling this problem for a while and I'm not sure what I'm
>missing.  I need to validate my form to make sure the required values
>are present, so in my form definition I have something like this:
>    <fd:field id="raId" required="true">
>    ...
>    <fd:field id="raDateTime" required="true">
>    ...
>    <fd:submit id="go" action-command="help" validate="true">
>This is enough to guaruntee validation, correct?  However, my form is
>not being validated because it is allowing empty values for raId and
>raDateTime.  I've created my own xsl's to do the transformation from a
>form instance to the html, and assume this must be where I'm missing
>something, but I can't figure it out.
>It's my understanding that a form submission should be a request with
>these params:
>and this should trigger validation and rerender the page in 
>Am I missing something?  Any direction is much appreciated.
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