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From stefan pickschneider <>
Subject Flows & Continuations
Date Wed, 13 Apr 2005 16:56:14 GMT
Hello everybody,

we have a problem using continuations...

we have two forms: editParent and editChild -
both use flowscript.

in the editparent form is a repeater that shows
the assigned child. if the user adds an child
the editChild form is opened.

so far we couldn't figure out how one can return to the
continuation-state of the flowscript editParent.js after
finishing flow editChild.js.
both forms are opened in the same window.

editParent.js looks like
while (true) {
	if (addChild) {
		// >>> continue here after editChild is done
		// add child to repeater
	if (save) {

// return to parent continuation
// HOW?

We have tried to submit the current continuation id of the parent
to the editChild flow  /*{"continuationId"}*/
and after the child form is saved redirecting back to this id,
but only an empty editParent form is shown - the continuation doesn't
seem to be resumed.

Any ideas?
Thanks a lot!

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