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From Peter Sparkes <>
Subject CForms, repeater and continuation
Date Sun, 17 Apr 2005 15:34:43 GMT

I have a Cform which is called from any one of a number of web pages. 
The CForm contains a repeater widget. Both the main form and the 
repeater use beans to hold their data. One of the repeater fields is 
populated with data from the initiating web page, the others being 
populated by the user. This all works OK.

What I want to do is to allow users to exit the CForm, select another 
web page and recall the original CForm instance, populating the repeater 
with a second set of repeater fields, one of them populated with data 
from the second initiating web page, etc. The end result is a Cform 
containing sets of data from a number of web pages and user inputs.  I 
don't know how to do this, help please.

I am using cocoon 2-1-7


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