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From Nick Goupinets <>
Subject Synchronization of coplets
Date Wed, 20 Apr 2005 16:01:18 GMT
Hi everybody,

I am wondering if there is a way to tell portal engine in which sequence 
coplets should be processed on a page?

I need that in order to accomplish the following task: in a portal tab, 
there are two coplets, one contains the list of currently available 
files, and another an interface to add a file:

| Tab |
|+---------+          +--------+       |
||Resources|          |Add new |       |
|+---------+--------+ +--------+------+|
||List of resources | | file upload   ||
||                  | | file info     ||
|+------------------+ +---------------+|

Both of the coplets are CForms. "Resources" coplet is never cached, and 
it's content is generated every time the portal page is shown. "Add new" 
is a regular CachingURICoplet.

"Resources" coplet reads list of all available files, and shows a 
selection list with their names. "Add new" coplet handles file uploads: 
it gets the input stream, parses it and saves it on the system.

The problem is that when a file is uploaded, the "Resources" coplet is 
processed first, and after than continuation for the "Add new" coplet 
gets called (which saves the file). As the result, list of resources 
doesn't contain the last file that was uploaded. In order to be able to 
see it, it's necessary to refresh the portal page.

Therefore, I need to have "Add new" coplet to be processed BEFORE 
"Resources" coplet, so that the file is saved before "Resources" coplet 
has a chance to read the list of files.

If there anybody who had the same problem, I would appreciate any help. 
Thank you very much in advance.

Nick Goupinets.

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