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From Brent Johnson <>
Subject Scalability, Performance, Stability
Date Thu, 14 Apr 2005 16:16:34 GMT
First, I've been working with Cocoon (on and off) since the 1.x days,
starting around maybe 5-6 years ago.  I've just recently (in the past
year or so) moved away from XSP and into the wonderful world of Flow
and JXTemplates.

I've been writing a web application (intranet application, not
"public" website) that I just demo'd to my boss this morning.  Well,
he loved it, got all excited and started talking about the "future" of
this application.

Now, I should be happy, right?  I am, but also have grown a little
uneasy.  Has anyone out there rolled out a database intensive web
application or web site using Cocoon 2.x?  I don't mean some small
traffic website for personal, or small business use.

My boss is talking about taking this full web application I'm writing
and selling it as a "product" in the healthcare industry.  Right now,
I'm having problems with Hibernate and Flow, nothing (hopefully)

I'm just getting a little uneasy now, wondering how Cocoon 2.x (and
Hibernate) is going to perform when querying against a possibly huge
(although thats an objective term) database.

For example, one of our live website projects is an intranet site
running under Cocoon 2.1.5 for a customer.  It's fairly low traffic,
and uses XSP (no flow or jxtemplates).  But still, after 4-6 weeks the
site just stops responding and I have to restart the Linux networking
service and Tomcat to restore the site.  I'm upgrading to 2.1.7 asap
to see if this fixes the problem (I was told in a previous email to
this list about a file handle problem).

I just can't have something like this happening on a product we're
selling to customers.

Sorry for the long babbling email, I'm just wondering what sort of
experiences other Cocoon users have had rolling out similar
applications or sites with Cocoon 2.x.  How is it with scalability,
performance and stability?


- Brent

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