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From Sebastien Arbogast <>
Subject CForms, Flow and authentication-fw
Date Mon, 11 Apr 2005 05:12:11 GMT

Please help because I'm really on the verge of breakdown.
I've been spending more than 3 hours trying to figure out how I could
make those three features work together, gathering code snippets from
different documentation and wiki sample.
Authentication-fw sample uses flow but not CForms, CForms sample use
flow but not authentication-fw, and I can't make the link between all
three pieces to obtain the following use case :
1 - the user requests a protected resource
2 - if he is already authenticated, he is redirected towards the
requested resource
3 - otherwise his request is stored so that it can get through the
authentication process and be eventually displayed at the end if
everything goes well, and the user is redirected to an authentication
form (that's where control flow should appear according to the CForms
4 - while validation is not right, the same form is displayed over and
over again with validation information of course (continuation)
5 - when form data is valid, it is sent to a method that checks it
against some user data
6 - if the authentication is refused, another resource is displayed
(as a register form for example); if everything's ok, the user is
eventually redirected to the resource he initially requested

The "autentication-fw with flow" example is not so bad as it divides
the authentication procedure into different steps/functions. But it's
unfortunately too dependent on the way the login form is displayed
inside the sitemap whereas if you want to use validation capabilities
of CForm, you have to display it from flowscript. Moreover I've heard
somewhere that it would be possible to make flowscript in Java instead
of JavaScript ? If it's true I think it would really simplfy things if
we could have one Java object, taking as parameters the URI's of the
different resources usually involved in the authentication process
(login form, requested protected resource, authentication failure
page, registration form etc.). And if someone is interested in such a
simplification I'm completely volunteer to help as much as I can
(being a cocoon newbie yet) if it can improve accessibility in Cocoon
and help me go on with my project at the same time.

It's very frustrating because I can't go on as long as I'm stuck with
that problem, and I still have to adapt this procedure to integrate my
Hibernate data model in the process !

Thanks you in advance

Sebastien ARBOGAST (red-eyed zombie lol)

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