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From Nacho Jimenez <>
Subject Re: Authentication alternatives
Date Thu, 28 Apr 2005 17:32:24 GMT
> I'm trying to implement some authentication on my Cocoon application
> and I find authentication framework a bit complicated and not very
> clean with all those roundtrips between flow and sitemap. I mean, it's
> certainly adapted to generic situations but I'd like to be sure it's
> the best available solution before preparing myself for a headache (I
> can already feel it coming :-P).
> So knowing that all my application is made with JX+flow over a Spring
> structure (which contains user data), has anyone successfully
> implemented a simpler authentication management or is auth-fw the only
> solution ?

For a simpler solution, you could use the container as the
authenticator (look for AuthWithTomcat in the wiki), but you won't get
much flexibility. And you can also make your own authentication
functions (for flowscript) or actions, but the authenticator framework
works fine after the first couple of headaches, and making new
authenticators in java is pretty easy once you get started. I have a
"LDAPAuthenticator" working, and it took me a couple of hours. If you
want the code, just ask.

BTW: For my next project I want to authenticate/authorize using
certificates. I've done it before in tomcat, but never tried anything
like that in cocoon. Someone did it before? Some advice for the road

P.S.: Completely off-topic for the curious minds. RIght now, Gmail's
"AdSense" is showing me "Feeling Rejected", "Pregnancy Exercise Guide"
and "Period wile pregnant" links... Wonder wich words from Sebastien's
mail triggered those Ads. :D

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