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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject Re: Scalability, Performance, Stability
Date Sat, 16 Apr 2005 10:15:20 GMT
Le 16 avr. 05, à 11:58, a écrit :
> ....i'm impressed that you have NOT to restart the container for a 
> long time
> we serve about 10 static websites from the same cocoon instance. the 
> load
> is very low (about 20-30 uniq vistors per site). commonly we have to
> restart container (tomcat)..

As I said, the setup is rock solid, not a very big load but 
serving a few thousand pages a day, a few hundred thousand hits...and 
running on the stock Jetty (and Cocoon 2.1.5, forgot to mention).

Nothing against Tomcat though, your mileage may vary...if something's 
not running reliably the important thing is to find out exactly what 
the failure scenario is!

We ran quite strong stress tests before going online, and this allowed 
us to find a few issues in our code and configurations, which certainly 
make a difference.

If your system crashes in normal use, there must be a way to crash it 
in the lab as well, where it's much easier to debug and do post-mortem 
analyses. Often, just running a few tens of wget loops in a shell will 
show problems already.


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