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From Peter Kröpfl <>
Subject < > become &lt; and &gt; in jx file
Date Sat, 02 Apr 2005 12:52:51 GMT


Data is passed from the flowscript to jx file.

unfortunately all the "<" and ">" characters in #{text} or #{header} are
displayed as &lt; and &gt; .
To be able to process them further I need them to be "<" and ">".

print in flow shows everything allright: 
commentlist.text: Testdata blabla <a href="testlink.html">TESTLINK</a>

However the xml produced by in the jx file looks like this:
  Testdata blabla &lt;a href="testlink.html"&gt;TESTLINK&lt;/a&gt;

Is there a way to prevent this behaviour in the jx transformation?


------------------ CODE ---------------------

--- flow snip ---
var commentlist = java.util.ArrayList();
commentlist = commentDAO.find("entry = " + entry.getId());

if (commentlist.size() > 0) {
 print("commentlist.text: " + commentlist.get(0).getText());
cocoon.sendPageAndWait("internal/generate-view/comments", {entry_id : eid,
commentlist : commentlist, entry : entry}

//everything seems allright allright

--- snip of the jx file ---

    <c:forEach select="#{commentlist}">
                    <commentheader>	#{header}</commentheader>
                    <commenttext>	#{text}	</commenttext>                   
                    <commentdate>	#{date}	</commentdate>

--- sitemap snip ---

<map:match pattern="internal/generate-view/*">
  <map:generate src="views/{1}View.xml" type="file"/>
  <map:transform type="jx" label="jxDebug"/>
  <map:call resource="html"/>

        <map:resource name="html">
            <map:transform src="xsl/standardformat.xsl">
            	<map:parameter name="base-url" value="/cocoon/homepage" />
            <map:serialize type="html"/>

------------- END CODE ----------------

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