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From "n." <>
Subject cocoon for xml service?
Date Thu, 12 May 2005 13:39:23 GMT
I am a bit unsure whether and how cocoon can be used for the following scenario.

We will have clients (usually other codes) sending xml queries to the server.
the server will do certain queries and return an xml (eg check if a
villa is available in the database). The server will also keep track
of each client, ie a session-type mechanism needs to be maintained.

Is cocoon the right solution for it?
If so what would i need to do to bring this about. I found that cocoon
can query a jdbc sql source directly mapping a certain input xml to
it... so far I am a bit confused on the following:
1) how would i read xml data from a client program (ie the program
would expect to POST me/server a certain xml message.)
2) what would be the best way to parse this xml and translate it to
the relevant sql queries.
3) how would the query results be translated back into an xml.
4) how would the resulting xml be returned to the client.
5) how can we keep track of the client so when the client sends
another xml message based on the reply we know what he is referring

if anyone has some examples of this or something similar or can point
me to some documentations specific to this I would very much
appreciate this.

Many thanks


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