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From Davanum Srinivas <>
Subject Re: Cocoon and Axis
Date Fri, 03 Jun 2005 18:15:05 GMT
yep. makes it VERY clear. need a bit of time to think about it. note
that it may be easier to add attachment support (if it is not there
already) to cocoon than to integrate Axis and Cocoon on the

On 6/3/05, Sebastien Arbogast <> wrote:
> BTW I forgot to mention something. The purpose of my webservices is
> not to create some RPC interface to my business code. In fact I want
> to use the document style to generate XML documents using Cocoon
> sitemap facilities and feed them into my SOAP responses. And of course
> I want to use parameters I can extract from the SOAP request message
> body as parameters for the code that generates those documents. For
> example I receive this kind of SOAP request :
> <SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:SOAP-ENV="">
>    <SOAP-ENV:Header/>
>    <SOAP-ENV:Body>
>        <wifilist>
>            <location x="23.764578" y="87.875468" z=".7688"/>
>            <range radius="1000" unit="meters"/>
>        </wifilist>
>    </SOAP-ENV:Body>
> </SOAP-ENV:Envelope>
> And I want to send back a SOAP response with a graphic map in
> attachment spotting all the wifi hotspots 1000meters around the
> specified position. Maybe something like :
> <soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv=""
>    xmlns:xsi=""
>    xmlns:xsd="">
>    <soapenv:Body>
>        <html soapenv:encodingStyle="">
>            <body>
>                <img src="map.gif"/>
>            </body>
>        </html>
>    </soapenv:Body>
> </soapenv:Envelope>
> With map.gif in attachment of course.
> I know it's not very frequent as a usage of webservices but I need
> something like that.
> I hope it gives you a better idea of what I'm trying to achieve...
> --
> Sebastien ARBOGAST

Davanum Srinivas -

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