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From Geert Josten <>
Subject Re: Sitemap globals in XSLT?
Date Mon, 20 Jun 2005 06:53:44 GMT
Hi Mark,

> OK, if I have to use a pipeline for this, I would use the module source, 
> e.g.
>     <match pattern="globals/*">
>         <generate src="module:global:{1} />
>         <serialize type="xml" />
>     </match>
> That oughta work, right?

Ah, never too late to learn something new. Though, this generates only one global. If that
you, then go ahead. :)

>> By the way, make sure that the parameters pipe is noncaching. There 
>> was something wrong with the caching of document function in XSL's...
> It's not really "wrong" as such... it just doesn't work, because 
> document() "flies under the radar" of the Cocoon caching system.  That 
> is, it creates a dependency of one resource upon of which there's no way 
> Cocoon can be aware, so there's no way for cocoon to know when to 
> invalidate the cache.

I'm not sure about whether Cocoon can't be aware of them. As far as I know, Cocoon provides
UriResolver component and can therefore know what is being accessed and when...

> However, with globals it shouldn't even matter, since those aren't going 
> to change :-)

Err.. Depends on whether you allow sitemaps to be changed and reloaded... :-P

During development at least..


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