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From Dennis Riedel <>
Subject Re: Cocoon 2.1.7 and XML-RPC. Handle client requests through cocoon.
Date Wed, 29 Jun 2005 06:04:13 GMT
Hello Sebastien
Thanks for your update on that Wiki Page. Your approach is very 
interesting. The way to provide the xml to the flowscript through a 
streamgenerator seems similar for XML-RPC.
I found two classes in XML-RPC Package that could be called through a 
Flowscript (WebServer, XMLRpcServer) to handle the rpc and generate a 
The same I thought of the Axis classes SoapServerImpl and AxisRPCReader 
but haven`t followed up this yet.

Do you think it could compile faster to write an apple instead of 
flowscript? I mean, I do not need any Continuation Features here so why 
relying on flowscript.


Sebastien Arbogast wrote:

>2005/6/28, Dennis Riedel <>:
>>I am just investigation wether it is possible to make cocoon work as an
>>xml-rpc server with the xml-rpc.jar included in the cocoon dist. Using
>>HTTP cocoon should be able to identify a pipeline and give it right to
>>the xml-rpc server (perhaps streamgenerator can get the xml from the
>>HTTP Body).
>>Has anyone some ideas or experience in that and can give me some
>>examples or links I can follow up?
>It has been the subject of a recent discussion originated by Jan
>Hinzmann's proposal in
>Since then I've managed to automate much more in the process by using
>axis API's. So I don't know about xmlrpc package but with axis and a
>StreamGenerator I manage to obtain something interesting and generic.
>I'll update the wiki page now to demonstrate what I achieved. Keep an
>eye on it.

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