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From "Andrew Stevens" <>
Subject JSPReader/JSPGenerator on Websphere
Date Tue, 21 Jun 2005 18:40:47 GMT

I'm hoping someone can help me with a problem I'm having running JSPs 
through Cocoon on Websphere, although from what I've found in the archives 
it seems like there's more problems than solutions so far as Websphere's 
concerned :-)

I've built a web application based around Cocoon 2.1.7 and deployed it to 
Websphere 5.0 (more accurately, cf30403.04) on Solaris, which sits 
behind an iPlanet 6.1 server.  The app starts up okay and I can view the 
output from the StatusGenerator without any problem.  In fact, I can view a 
whole bunch of pages, made up from assorted XML files, cincludes, XSL, etc.  
The only problem I have is that when it tries to cinclude the output from a 
JSP (the cinclude has src="cocoon:/..." and I've a pipeline matching that 
which uses the JSP generator and serialises to XML) I get absolutely nothing 
returned to the browser.  Not even the part of the page prior to the 
include.  Unfortunately, I don't get any error messages in any of the log 
files either - Websphere's System.out & System.err logs, nor Cocoon's 
sitemap/errors/core/handled-errors.log etc., and I'm receiving a 200 OK HTTP 
status code - so I've no idea what's going wrong.

I've tried fiddling with various settings, but no luck.  I tried switching 
the jsp-engine to use the JSPEngineImplNamedDispatcherInclude but got the 
error message "No RequestDispatcher found. Specify a correct 'servlet-name': 
*.jsp" that's been mentioned in earlier postings, so put it back to using 
the JSPEngineImpl with as the 
servlet-class.  I tried using "/*" in the servlet mapping but just get 
"Error 403: Invalid URI passed to Security Collaborator." from every 
request, so switched back to using "/".  I tried removing the servlet 
mapping for "*.jsp"; that allowed me to call the JSP directly (and see it's 
output okay) but as soon as Cocoon tries to do it I get no page returned.  I 
tried switching the cinclude to use context:/ instead of cocoon:/ but just 
got an error message telling me "the content prior to the root element must 
be well formed".  I'm currently using the ParanoidCocoonServlet, but can't 
avoid that as otherwise the CocoonServlet attempts to use the older versions 
of Xerces & Xalan from Websphere's appserver/lib directory and refuses to 
start (I have very little control over the server configuration and am stuck 
with the PARENT_FIRST classloader mode for the application as it doesn't 
appear to be possible to set that through the XMI files in the war/ear).

The most frustrating thing is that when I deploy to an NT box running the 
same versions of Websphere & iPlanet, it works perfectly!  Unfortunately, 
our production servers are all Solaris :-(

Any other suggestions or ideas, before I tear the rest of my hair out?


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