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From "Angelo Immediata" <>
Subject Re: Cocoon portal
Date Tue, 28 Jun 2005 15:07:49 GMT
Hi... i'm in debug session and i'm trying to understand what is the Java class that is responsable
of link changing. Do you know what class is responsable for this link changes?
It seems to me that all is done by using the getLinkURI method in class DefaultLinkService
but i'm not able to understand where the a href tag is changed.

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>From      : "Ralph Goers"
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Date      : Tue, 28 Jun 2005 06:51:45 -0700
Subject : Re: Cocoon portal

> The fact that when you view the html source you see the wrong page label 
> would lead me to conclude that that is the problem.  So the real 
> question is, why is the link changing. the xml namespace would lead me 
> to believe it is being transformed. 
> Ralph
> Angelo Immediata wrote:
> >Hi... thanks again for your replay... i'm still tring to understand why i have this
feature... i have enabled the portal log and i attach it to this mail in order that you can
see it and i have setted to DEBUG the access log.
> >I attach them to this mail.. the next step is to start form the source and try all
the steps by JBuilder debbugger in order to see why even if in my jx page i have this link:
> ><a href=3D'/portal?pageLabel=3Ddisp=
> >atcher&amp;sid=3DS077'>Utilizza il servizio</a>
> >if i see the html version of this page i have:
> ><A 
> >href=3D"http://localhost:8080/pmm/portal/por=
> >tal?cocoon-portal-event=3D15&amp;pageLabel=3Dmare" 
> >xmlns:coplet=3D"http=
> >://">Utilizza il 
> >servizio</A> (I also attach the page .html generated).
> >If you have any idea... i'll accept it; however i thank you very much for your availability
and your patience.
> >Thanks,
> >Angelo
> >
> >  
> >
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