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From "Carlos M. S. Bento Nogueira" <>
Subject [cforms]submit-on-change deprecated??
Date Fri, 01 Jul 2005 00:35:27 GMT
Hi all!

I'm writing a modified version of cforms examples provided with 
cocoon2.1.7 and i just found out that
submit-on-change used on

<ft:widget id="number1">
     <fi:styling submit-on-change="true"/>

isn't replaced by onchange="forms_submitForm(this)" when the html page
is generated! Thus the only way i found to put this feature to work was
to replace submit-on-change with onchange="forms_submitForm(this)" like 

<ft:widget id="number1">
     <fi:styling onchange="forms_submitForm(this)"/>

Has submit-on-change been deprecated or is there problem on some pipeline 
on my sitemap?? I'm using the same pipelines to generate the html as the 
pipelines used on cforms example:various actions 

Thanks is advance,

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