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From Philipp Schmidt <>
Subject Re: CForms - different views of the same widget
Date Tue, 08 Nov 2005 09:04:17 GMT

Derek Hohls wrote:
> This is not really the same problem; what you seem to be describing
> is a fairly standard use case for CForms.  The idea of the bean is to
> be the "data storage" and (possibly) "post data entry logic processing".
> The form definition itself will contain the validation specifications as
> to whether or not a field is required, and what label to append to it.

That's how I use Cforms all the time :-)

Sometimes I also do things like this:
form.lookupWidget("field").addValidator(new Packages.MyValidator());

I'm just looking for a way to do the same with the widget fd:label, 
fd:required and fd:hint or even better use some kind of a custom binding.

> I assume one could store all this info in a single file and then write
> custom code to pull it out again & create the  form definition ... but
> this somewhat goes against the basic Cocoon premise of "separation
> of concerns".

So it would be like, Bean -> JXTemplate -> CForms definition -> CForms

I think this is the way to go for a simple form but that means you can't 
use repeaters any more :-( Any ideas how solve such a situation?


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