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From 黄 海冬 <>
Subject portal+cform+ajax problem in 2.1.8 rc1
Date Mon, 07 Nov 2005 16:07:06 GMT
  I try to combine portal+form(with ajax) in 2.1.8 rc1,all is fine but one 
problem,I don't know if is a bug,and just show my step here:
  1.change block portal in samples,copletdata.xml,config like:
     <coplet-data id="app-test-two" name="standard">
      <title>Application Test</title>
         <value xsi:type="java:java.lang.Boolean">true</value>
         <value xsi:type="java:java.lang.Boolean">true</value>

   I just point the url to a form ajax sample
   2.change portal skin files to make form render correctly.
   3.change form block datasource_chooser_template.xml,from 
   <ft:form-template action="#{$cocoon/continuation/id}.continue" 
method="POST" ajax="true">
       <ft:form-template action="continue" method="POST" ajax="true" 
    this change will still make the sample run good.
    Now I run the server and enter portal block sample,it works fine only 
when finally I click "ok" button.
    If it is not a ajax form or run the form seperatly,I should see the 
result information,but now I see the form restart.
    I check the aceess log and add some debug code in js file,the 
flowscript did't run after
    and the seperate form sample will run continue twice when I click "ok" 
but only once under this condition.
    I guess the ajax code missing one click to make showForm complete in 
this situation,so it may be a bug.
    Roy Huang

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