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From "Boisvert, Éric" <>
Subject image serializer and lookup failed
Date Mon, 12 Dec 2005 15:39:51 GMT
Hi all

Not sure I'm having one or two problems here.

Here's what I try to do.

I need a serializer that reads an input XML that tells it where to get an
image, get this image an serialize it.  In a sense, it's similar to svg2png
serialiser,except the image is refered by a url.  The input xml would be


I cannot use a regular reader because the location of the image is embedded
in the xml (unless someone as a clever way to do this otherwise)

If you have a quick solution for this one, my second problem goes away.

In the mean time.

I tried to write a primitive serializer to just to this, but when I try to
load in, cocoon complains

Lookup of serializer 'getmap' failed at [unknown location]

The class compiles, it derives from AbstractSerializer, I registered it in
the site map with the correct source (it's not my first component.. I know
the drill)

Does this kind of error message is a diagnostic for a common problem ?

Cheers and thanks

Eric Boisvert
Spécialiste TI-GI / IT-IM specialist, 418-654-3705, facsimile/télécopieur 
490, rue de la Couronne, Québec (Québec), G1K 9A9
490, rue de la Couronne, Quebec, Quebec, G1K 9A9

Laboratoire de cartographie numérique et de photogrammétrie (LCNP)
Digital Cartography and Photogrammetry Laboratory (DCPL)
Commission géologique du Canada (Québec) / Geological Survey of Canada
Ressources naturelles Canada / Natural Resources Canada
Gouvernement du Canada / Government of Canada

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