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From "B Z" <>
Subject CocoonQuartzJobScheduler
Date Sat, 03 Dec 2005 09:38:42 GMT
I have enabled org.apache.cocoon.components.cron.CocoonQuartzJobScheduler
component in cocoon.xconf and it seems to be working fine. But I do not know 
how to schedule tasks programatically with this scheduler as I could do it 
with Quartz Scheduler.
For example, how would I create a scheduled task like the one below which I 
made with Quartz:
	SchedulerFactory sf = new StdSchedulerFactory();
	Scheduler sched = sf.getScheduler();
	JobDetail jd = new JobDetail("Income report", "Report generation", 
	jd.getJobDataMap().put("type", "FULL");
	CronTrigger trigger = new CronTrigger("Income report", "Report 
	trigger.setCronExpression("*/10 * * * * ? *");
	sched.scheduleJob(jd, trigger);

Since Cocoon Scheduler is based on Quartz scheduler I would expect it to be 
easy but I havent been able to do it and I did not found any examples.

Examples would be appreciated.



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