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From "Dan Nicolici" <>
Subject Search with Lucene
Date Tue, 13 Dec 2005 11:09:26 GMT
This is my first encounter with Lucene. I am trying to integrate it with
Cocoon. From what I read so far I prefer the approach with
LuceneIndexTransformer. Here is where I need some assistance. From what I
understand, the transformer creates the index from .xml files with proper
Lucene annotations. I also read that the transformer not only creates the
index, but also transforms the file to an xml result format, containing data
about the indexed documents.

For searching I want to use SearchGenerator. It says that I'm searching the
index. Now why do I need the xml result from the LuceneIndexTransformer if
I'm searching the index.


So you see, I am kind of confused. If someone could please explain the
concept (focused on LuceneIndexTransformer - SearchGenerator pair) for me, I
would greatly appreciate it.

Risking to sound stupid, I want to add that all the pages from my web
application contain dynamic data collected from a DB. I hope they can be


Thank you in advance!




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