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From Suzan Foster <>
Subject Re: How to return xml from a flowscript?
Date Thu, 05 Jan 2006 13:42:27 GMT
Does the xquery do any processing on the xml, or does it just use 
eXist's update extensions to store it as-is? If you need to do the 
latter you can use an XMLDBSource to write the file directly into eXist 
from your flowscript.

Jonas Lundberg wrote:

>The xquery stores the XML file in eXist.
>Thus, if I try to insert the xml file using an Xinclude in discuss.xq,
>and then use an xinclude transformer after generation,
>then it will be put there *after* the query is executed. Which is not
>useful in this case, since the XML is needed during execution.
>On 1/5/06, Geert Josten <> wrote:
>>>Thanks for the replies.
>>>The problem is that I then have use the xml in a pipeline that starts
>>>with an xquery generator (this is the pipeline I call from the
>>>     <map:generate src="xq/discuss.xq" type="xquery">
>>>     <map:parameter name="cleanedxml" value="{flow-attribute:cleanxml}"/>
>>How is the xquery using the xml in the parameter? Is it an idea to have another pipe
>>*generates* the discuss.xq which has your cleanedxml fragment included somewhere?
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