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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: NPE with HSSFSerializer on StyleRegion
Date Tue, 04 Apr 2006 10:29:06 GMT
Hello Praveen,

I had a look into the code and I don't see where it can go wrong.
The HSSFSerializer sets up the HSSFElementProcessorFactory which again 
sets up the ElementProcessors, of which EPStyleRegion is one. "Sets up" 
in this case means passing a logger to the components.

Maybe you can do some remote debugging to find out where it goes wrong? 
Of most interest is the AbstractElementProcessorFactory in line 180-182. 
Is this code executed at all? And is really a Logger instance passed or 
only null?


On 03.04.2006 15:15, Ellur, Praveen X. wrote:
> Hello there,
> I am using HSSFSerializer with out the complete Cocoon framework in my J2EE
> application. It goes with out saying that I am using this to generate XLS
> file out of my XML source data. 
> I use the following driver libraries...
> -          Poi-2.5.1.jar
> -          Excalibur-xmlutil-2.1
> -          Avalon-framework-api-4.3
> -          Cocoon-poi-block
> -          Avalon-logkit-2.1  
> -          Cocoon-2.1.8
> I was able to generate tabular data in the XLS spreadsheet. I wanted to add
> some formatting, so I added some StyleRegion's. I get this Null Pointer
> Exception when it is trying to parse the StyleRegion Information.  I looked
> up the source code of and I think this is an issue with
> Logger and has nothing to do with my GMR XML definition. 
> Here is the Source code of The line which is in bold
> (getLogger().debug(""....") is the line where I get this NPE.  I saw one
> user reporting the same issue a couple of weeks ago but no one has replied
> to it yet (
> <> ). Any
> help/pointers would be appreciated.

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