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From Kamal Bhatt <>
Subject Re: Field not binding.
Date Wed, 05 Apr 2006 06:18:03 GMT

OK, all I did was copy an existing field and, through a process of 
elimination, created the a new field similar to the old one and it 
works. The only difference is the name and the position in the various 

Weird. I would dwell on this, but I have other things to do. Thanks for 
the help Simone.

Kamal Bhatt wrote:

> Simone Gianni wrote:
>> Hi Kamal,
>> I can't see anything wrong with your binding, except 
>> "<fb:identity><fbvalue id="position" path="position"/></fb:identity>"

>> where fdvalue should be fb:value, but this would prevent your 
>> repeater from binding correctly also all other fields in the 
>> repeater, so I think this is a typo in your mail rather than in your 
>> form.
>> Try to set it required=true, this will cut your problem : if the form 
>> returns a validation error, then the form is not receiving the value, 
>> so maybe the problem is in the HTML/XSL or somewhere else after the 
>> form itself, while if it does not return a validation error, then the 
>> forms receives the value, so the problem is in the binding/bean.
> I tried this, validation works correctly, so the problem is with the 
> binding.
>> Another suggestion could be to run cocoon in debug mode, connect to 
>> it with your IDE, and place a breakpoint both in 
>> Information.getChannelInfo and Information.setChannelInfo to see if 
>> they are called and if the proper values are passed. This will again 
>> cut your problem, if setter is called correctly then the problem is 
>> not in binding, if it's not called then it is in binding.
> I don't have easy access to an IDE so I used log4j and logged it that 
> way. The log statements are never called (I am pretty sure I am using 
> the logger correctly as I am logging a field I know is working.)
> I have also tried renaming the field (twice). I am using an OJB 
> mapping, but I have saved the data to the bean without saving to the 
> database and my log messages for channel remain uncalled. Curious 
> thing about the OJB though is that even that doesn't trigger the log 
> messages, which leads me to conclude that the problem with the 
> whatever mechanism is used to guess the get/set routines.
> Here are the interfaces for my get/set routines:
> public int getChannelInfo() {...}
> public void setChannelInfo(int inChannelInfo) {...}
> and the attribute:
> private int mChannelInfo;
> Any help would be appreciated.

Kamal Bhatt

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