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From Peter Flynn <>
Subject Re: "auth-protect" not defined for "act"
Date Mon, 10 Apr 2006 19:42:11 GMT
Jason Johnston wrote:
> Peter Flynn wrote:
>> So the authentication-fw block must have been selected for inclusion.
>> Unfortunately it doesn't mean anything to me as I don't speak Java.
>> But presumably it means that the relevant bits and pieces *are* present
>> in the build, so I can use them, if I can find some document which tells
>> me which ones are needed and what they're called, right?
> Confirming the .jar file exists only shows that the various code
> components (Actions, Generators, etc.) are available.  You still have to
> make sure that your configuration files (cocoon.xconf, sitemap.xmap) are
> set up to make use of those components.

Right. I was assuming that the default build would include these.
It used to include the kitchen sink.

> I've never used the authentication framework, but from looking at the
> source code it appears the "auth-protect" action type is typically
> mapped to the AuthAction class.  Here are the action definitions
> distributed with the authentication-fw block:
> <map:action name="auth-protect"
> src="org.apache.cocoon.webapps.authentication.acting.AuthAction"/>

Excellent, many thanks for tracking this down. At least now the
sitemap.xmap doesn't give an error message.

> <map:action name="auth-login"
> src="org.apache.cocoon.webapps.authentication.acting.LoginAction"/>
> <map:action name="auth-logout"
> src="org.apache.cocoon.webapps.authentication.acting.LogoutAction"/>
> <map:action name="auth-loggedIn"
> src="org.apache.cocoon.webapps.authentication.acting.LoggedInAction"/>

I'll try these as and when.

> Note that to find this I didn't have to "speak Java" at all.  I just
> browsed into src/blocks/authentication-fw/conf, 

Knowing where to look is always good :-)

> and looked at the files
> in that directory; the snippet above is pasted straight out of
> authentication-act.xmap.  The files in that directory define the
> configuration values that are normally added to cocoon.xconf and
> sitemap.xmap when the block is built.  You'll need to make sure they
> have been added to your versions of those files, since it seems yours
> are out of sync.

According to an earlier answer, I think the default build is supposed
include authentication. Perhaps there's something missing from it. I
haven't added or subtracted anything, so the default build would have
been as distributed. Perhaps that's what's out of sync.

Anyway, no errors means I can try the next step :-)


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