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Subject Re: jx template and number format
Date Thu, 06 Apr 2006 21:37:33 GMT
I'm guessing that forEach is expecting int's for begin and end, and you're
actually passing in doubles (0.0 vs 0, 4.0 vs 4).  Is there a way within jx
to force the values to int's?


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I'm so tired of all the problems I have with jx templates ...
Am I the only one to use them or what ?
I'm beginning to regret that I left xsp for jx:templates

This time, I guess I have a number format problem. My forEach loop
doesn't work fine. The end attribute is not properly taken into account.

I'm using cocoon 2.1.8 on tomcat 5.5 and sun jdk 1.5

Here is how I intend to use forEach :

<jx:forEach var="line" varStatus="status" items="${local.ypResult.rows}"
begin="${startItem}" end="${endItem}">

When I manually put :
<jx:forEach var="line" varStatus="status" items="${local.ypResult.rows}"
begin="0" end="4">
everything works fine this way, but when I use ${startItem} and
${endItem}, I only get one <item>

Here's how I define startItem and endItem :
<jx:set var="startItem">${(local.skipResults %
<jx:set var="endItem">${(local.skipResults %

So I put this in my code :

And I get

So I guess I have a number formatting problem here. But after trying to
use parseInt() and Integer.intValue() with no success, well I'm stuck

Can someone please help me ?


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