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Subject Re: SendMailTransformer : problems in constructing email body using XSL
Date Wed, 19 Jul 2006 15:01:56 GMT
Hi Rahul,

I think we both are doing the same thing, or at least similar. I've got a
form with an HTMLAREA, that's supposed to be the body. After that, I want to
add a fixed signature, in a new line, that is the same for every outgoing
The part of my sendmail stylesheet looks like that: (#{data1} is the content
of my htmlarea)

<email:body>#{data1}&lt;br/&gt;my signature</email:body>

So accessing a new line works for me via masking (sorry if its the wrong
word) of normal HTML.

2006/7/18, <>:
> Hi,
> I'm using cocoon "send mail transformer".
> In this case, I am writing an XSL to construct the required email format.
> In this XSL I'm accessing all the request parameters from the form (of
> course through sitemap.xmap). I want to insert these request parameters
> inside "<email:body>" (assuming 'email' as the namespace "
>") but each on a new line
> ("\r \n").
> I'm having some problems in giving new line feed inside this <email:body>
> tag. As whatever email I get as an output, shows all the parameter values on
> a single line only.
> Can you please suggest any way of achieving this?
> Thanks in advance.
> Rahul
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