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From Andrew <>
Subject Re: Cocoon-Ajax issue
Date Mon, 17 Jul 2006 14:41:20 GMT
Hi Toby,

creditCard.kont  !=  **viewform-*

Yes that is correct. It points to my continuation pipe for which I have a
hidden continuation id:

 <ft:form-template action="login.kont" name="Form1" method="POST"

in the form definition, my continuation pipe being:

            <map:match pattern="**.kont">
               <map:select type="request-method">
                 <map:when test="POST">
                     <map:call continuation="{1}"/>

In my flow I call the ajax pipe as:

    var form2 = new Form("forms/CreditCardDetails.xml");
    form2.showForm("viewform-CreditCardDetails", {"userGlobal":userGlobal});

Hoepfully we can resolve this issue today!



I'm having trouble getting Ajax to work myself, but this is one piece of
> the Ajax puzzle I think I understand.
> You should either add an ajax-action[1] attribute to form-template
> (, containing the **viewform-* target you want
> Ajax to use, or you should add the browser-update machinery to the
> creditCard.kont pipeline.
> Toby
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