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From Andrew <>
Subject Re: checkbox widget with datatype vector
Date Mon, 24 Jul 2006 15:37:02 GMT
Hi Jason,

3) Use a repeater rather than the JX loop.  It sounds like you were
> trying to enable AJAX for this form, so this may be your best bet.
> Either of the first two choices above would be difficult to make work
> with CForms' AJAX framework.  Personally I think this is the cleanest
> approach.

Ok. So the first issue to address is how to tell the repeater to repeat only
as many times as there are items in the orderItem object? Secondly, let's
say that I have 2 orderItems which read by the repeater will give me 2 rows.
So each row will comprise a check box called delItem (which when selected
enables that row to be deleted), this brings us right back to the problem we
had at the begining, what datatype to give delItem so that in flow delItem
is recognised as a vector, which it would be if I were to defined using a
conventional, non widget, <input type="checkbox /> html approach? I have an
fd:datatype for delItem as string at the moment:

    <fd:field id="delItem">
      <fd:datatype base="string"/>

     <ft:widget id= "delItem">
       <fi:styling value="${orderitem.getID()}" type="checkbox"/>

and no matter how many delItems you select, only one is ever deleted at a
time! Is there no way to introduce datatypes, for example
java.Util.Vector!?! This would resolve the problem I am having without
the need for
repeaters or multivaluefields.

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