Sorry for being not clear.
I have already created a pdf. But there are non interpreted <br>'s in it. Screenshot:

Thats where I would like to have a line break

2006/7/28, Tim Williams <>:
On 7/28/06, <> wrote:
> >To parse PDF you mean?
> I guess so, e.g. a part of my xml thats supposed to be a pdf afterwards
> <text>blablabla<br>dingdingding</text>
> In my pdf, it should now make a linebreak between 'bla' and 'ding'. Not
> possible?
> But thanks for your answer
> Marco

I'm really not sure what you're asking but it sounds like you just
want to produce PDF?

Create the xml->fo transform.
Then, use the FOPSerializer.

It this is all you want to do, there's lots of examples lying around...

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