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From "Ard Schrijvers" <>
Subject RE: Re: 2 Cocoon's One JVM
Date Fri, 08 Sep 2006 07:52:05 GMT

> > ...We are having performance issues and I am telling them that
> > it is probably because we are so far behind in cocoon versions...

You could send your mainsitemap and some subsitemaps if you want. I could take a look. If
you would also have a piece of the cache keys from your statusGenerator, then probably, it
is easier to see where it goes wrong (how large is your app...? zipping your source might
be an option?) Anyway, look wether pipelines are caching or noncaching, if you use uncacheable
components like the sql transformer (then you will be needing some other caching impl's),
ldap transformer, jx generator (though the latter is cacheable through flow) , etc etc. 

You can run really large sites with an incredible performance, certainly regarding complexity
of these sites, cocoon 2.1.4 shouldn't be a problem

> Unless you have a specific reason (i.e. measurements) to believe this,
> I'm not sure that moving to a newer version of Cocoon will solve your
> performance problems.
> IMHO, inefficient code (The difference between a well-written and a
> crappy XSLT transform, for example, is often a factor of 10 or more)

My experience is that more is to be gain in caching (incl configuration), though lately I
saw an xsl doing I18n (instead of I18nTransformer) taking about 1.5 sec to transform :-)

When you just use apply-templates, and never use xpaths starting from the root (like you are
in the middle of the xml with your xsl, and then do something like
<xsl:for-each select="/root/document//*">
	<xsl:if test="text() = /root/I18n//translations/*">
      // I don't know if this could work, but hope the point is clear

then you will really run into problems. Now I still have to close my opening "("
it is: ), then (I am now going further from : "use xpaths starting from the root ( ") you
will hardly ever have problems (I really hope my coding is better structured than my writing,
with less interpunction inflation....any tips are always welcome :-) ).

Anyway, if you would zip your code, I could scan it for a moment if you want (purely the basic
sitemap and config, I won't bother looking at xsl's, because that would be too much work)

Regards Ard

> or suboptimal configurations might be much more likely
> Anyway, if moving to a newer release makes you app faster, please let
> us know, it might give interesting insight.
> -Bertrand
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