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From es <>
Subject handling burden of multiple firefox request
Date Wed, 04 Oct 2006 12:52:04 GMT
Hello to all,
in short:
I have a ConcurrentModificationException caused by the fact that (only) 
firefox send out from 2 to 5 request for the same image (generated) 
file. I've said only since I tested it in konqueror and Opera and both 
send out only 1 request as httptracer 
( shows out in the log (stripped 
down for readability) I've put here 
( look also 
for opera trace).
I tried setting the ExpiresCachingProcessingPipeline but I had no change 
in the result headers. I placed in the same dir 
the sitemap snipet I'm using and the action used to generate the image.
How do you guys deal with this? It's the cache approach the right one?
I wasn't able to find much around in ml or docs about this 
ExpiresCaching or this specific problem...

Some background info:
The pipeline that generate the simple image I whant to serve is made 
with java2D taking some data out of OpenOffice spreadsheet using the UNO 
API. This requires time (1/2 sec) and happens through an action (impl. 
ThreadSafe) that pass a FileSource OutputStream to a dispatcher that is 
responsible to interact with the backend and generate the image writing 
out a file being <map:read src="{uri}" mime-type="image/png"/> at the end.
I know this isn't the best approach and would be nice to not having to 
write out the file at all and just send to the request OutputStream. How 
should I do it? Anyway the file should be cacheable isn't it?

If I can't find a solution using ExpiresCachingProcessingPipeline I 
should probably check SourceValidity before going on in the action, right?

let me know if you need more background info and thanks in advance.

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