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From David Kavanagh <>
Subject Re: [Cocoon-Users] Prepared statements with the SQL transformer
Date Wed, 04 Oct 2006 15:11:46 GMT
Geeze. I didn't check, but I thought I was replying to John directly. 
Sorry to the list!

Thus Spoke David Kavanagh:

> John,
> The SQL transformer that ships with cocoon is much different than the 
> one that we use at DOTech. We made a lot of improvements, such as 
> transaction handling, batch inserts, parameter passing (and probably 
> other things Irv can list).
> Did you have some problem getting stuff working with the 
> DOTechSQLTransformer?
> David
> PS. I've been laying low this morning due to this head cold. I'm 
> getting ready to come into the office now.
> Thus Spoke John F. Walsh:
>> Greetings,
>> I'm using Cocoon 2.1.6. I need the SQL transformer to use Java 
>> prepared statements and do the parameter substitution after the 
>> prepared statement declaration so that the Oracle execution plan 
>> developed for one query works for the next query with different 
>> parameter values.
>> The sql:substitute-value substitution looked promising, but it does 
>> the substitution using string buffer manipulation before the prepared 
>> statement is created, so that doesn't solve my problem. Calling the 
>> query a stored procedure and using sql:in-parameters also looked 
>> promising, but since I don't have any out parameters, 
>> SQLTransformer.Query.serializeStoredProcedure returns without 
>> serializing the result set (because outParamaetersNames == null), so 
>> I don't get the result set.
>> Has anyone had any success using the SQLTransformer to run stored 
>> procedures with parameters?
>> Thanks,
>> John Walsh
>> Background / example:
>> It's important to the database guys that the query be
>>      select customer_name from order where order_id = ?
>> with order_id being set after the prepared statement declaration, so 
>> that Oracle can use the same execution plan on subsequent executions 
>> of the query with different order IDs.
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