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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: FileUploadManager
Date Thu, 05 Oct 2006 19:43:39 GMT
On 04.10.2006 15:41, Richard Light wrote:
> Just to report back: I have now got file uploading working, but only 
> because I found this resource through a search of the Wiki:
> This code compiled and ran first time.

Thanks for reporting back.

> Shouldn't this page be linked to from the general upload pages?

It's a wiki. It's simply a collection of pages. Its biggest problem is 
mostly to find the correct information. And it's about the wiki user to 
link those pages as they need them. I.e. a wiki lives from the 
participation of its users.

> I never did have any luck with the Flow technique described in
> because, I think, of a class loading error which prevented Cocoon from 
> initializing itself.  Are other Cocoon users happily using the Flow 
> technique for uploads?

When I implemented an upload in 2004 I used the upload:// pseudo 
protocol. But I have not done it lately and I don't know if it is better 
or worse than the other solution. It probably won't work for all cases 
as I process the uploaded file directly in the pipeline:

<map:generate type="text" src="upload://file"/>
<map:transform type="lexer"   src="chaperon/excel-csv.xlex"/>
<map:transform type="parser"  src="chaperon/excel-csv.xgrm"/>
<map:transform src="chaperon/unescape-excel-csv.xsl"/>
<map:transform src="cocoon:/chaperon-mapping-excel-csv2{1}.xsl"/>
<map:serialize type="xml"/>

"file" is the name of the field in the form. The rest is some Chaperon 
stuff converting CSV file (Excel output) to some XML.

To comeback to the wiki issue: Maybe somebody can set up an upload in 
Cocoon overview page with linking to all the different techniques.


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