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From Lars Huttar <>
Subject Re: cocoon best editor ?
Date Fri, 06 Oct 2006 17:03:12 GMT
On 10/4/2006 4:10 PM, Skip Carter wrote:
> On Wednesday 04 October 2006 11:44, maurizio wrote:
>> Greetings.
>> I am wondering which is the most used/preferred editor for Cocoon
>> developing.
>> I do like ViM over anything else, but i was (unsuccessfully) looking for a
>> nice eclipse Cocoon plugin (lepido seems dead). Is there anything good
>> around ?
> Religon, politics and editors...three sure topics to cause a fight.
Depends on the people. Here in the States most people avoid talking 
about religion and politics in person. Mention them and you're likely to 
get silence.

On our team, we use oXygen for editing Cocoon files. It's a bit slow but 
has a good price and good features. The company is very responsive to 
support requests. And the XSLT debugger has helped us more than once 
figure out problems we couldn't figure out otherwise.


> But...I like Jedit.  Its implemented in Java and comes with plugins
> for editing XML, Java, and Tomcat sitemaps.

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