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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: Cannot get JSPReader/JSPGenerator to work
Date Sat, 07 Oct 2006 00:50:58 GMT
On 06.10.2006 18:18, Paritosh Patel wrote:

>> I like to understand Cocoon 2.2 better. Is there updated documentations
>> along with the daily src?

As Cocoon is in an early stage, there is unfortunately not much more 
available than the src. Daniel's presentation [1] on the Cocoon GT might 
be the best available documentation. Don't know about any official 

>> Also, regarding the JSPs, are you saying that in 2.2, my Cocoon 
>> application (which uses JSPs) will still run within the Cocoon servlet
>> context? Will I have to rewrite a part of my app to fit into Cocoon 2.2?

Are you just starting with the application? Then I personally would 
refrain from JSP at all and have a look on the Cocoon-techniques 
(JXTemplate, XSP). We recommended the JSP block mostly for migration 
support, i.e. switching from a JSP-based application to Cocoon.

If you want to use JSPs AND Cocoon, you really might have a look on 
Cocoon 2.2 as it easies the integration. Cocoon 2.1 uses it's own 
environment abstraction. As you might see in the code ([2], [3]), Cocoon 
needs to setup some really specific things (retrieving HttpServlet* 
stuff, fixing urls, etc.). These are things the servlet container 
already implements and handles probably in a much better way.

With the simplification in Cocoon 2.2 XML can be retrieved directly from 
other servlets using the blocks pseudo protocol as "explained" in the 

Regarding your specific questions: 1. Yes it will. It also will no 
longer run in Cocoon's abstraction of the environment. 2. You will 
probably not need to rewrite it, but it would be recommended then to use 
  the new features. If we decide to remove the JSP block in 2.2 
completely you might need to adapt your sitemap switching from 
JSPGenerator to FileGenerator retrieving from a block source.



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