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From "Laurent Perez" <>
Subject Re: Cannot get JSPReader/JSPGenerator to work
Date Sat, 07 Oct 2006 12:43:33 GMT
> If you want to use JSPs AND Cocoon, you really might have a look on
> Cocoon 2.2 as it easies the integration. Cocoon 2.1 uses it's own
> environment abstraction.

I'm using JSPs an Cocoon 2.2, but I still don't understand if I did
the "right" integration : basically, my usecase requires custom JSP
tags to be able to retrieve XML from sitemap patterns. Under 2.1, I
wrote an integration method starting up a CocoonBean instance and use
resolveURI() on it, but it was quite ugly, so since I was already
using Spring, I switched to 2.2 and what I did was to add a setter for
a SourceResolver in my base custom tag class and then "dependency
inject" it via my applicationContext.xml in spring/ folder (my base
custom tag class uses a @Configurable to let the injections work).

The wiring works, all my custom tags can use the injected resolver,
but I HAD to enable the Cocoon JSPReader (map:match pattern="**.jsp",
map:read src(...) type="jsp") to deliver my jsps, otherwise the called
resolver would throw an exception saying it requires an Environment
setup in order to work.

So, it looks like I'm still using a 2.2 environment abstraction, but
your post confuses me : would the block:/ protocol ease my integration


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