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From Andre Juffer <>
Subject JX and sendmail transformer
Date Wed, 13 Dec 2006 20:10:33 GMT

I need to access one object in a JX generated response which is 
requested for by email:body using the src attribute. I have stored this 
object in the current session in flow using 
cocoon.session.setAttribute("object-name", object). The flowscript then 
subsequently passes the control to the sitemap to generate an email that 
needs certain information extracted from this object. The email 
transformer encounters something similar as the following

     <email:body src="http://my-server/cocoon/something" />

The 'something' is matched in the sitemap by the JX generator which 
processes a file containing a line like 
${cocoon.session.getAttribute('object-name').getFoo()} where foo is the 
property that is needed in the email message. I am using the src 
attribute since I want to generate an HTML-based email message.

This all works fine (the whole process from begin to end ultimately 
results in an email correctly delivered), except that I am not able to 
access this property foo (the method getFoo() on the object does 
certainly exist). All calls of the form 
${cocoon.session.getAttribute('object-name').getFoo()} result in nothing.

Is my line of thought correct? Or is there another/better way. I could 
do something like

<email:body src="http://my-server/cocoon/something?foo=value

but 'value' contains spaces, so this would not work very well.

Any help is appreciated,

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