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From Dan Hertz <>
Subject Re: Cinclude file not found - why?
Date Mon, 18 Dec 2006 16:00:22 GMT
>> I just don't understand what the difference is between an
>> iframe calling the URL (or typing it in the browser) -- which returns 
>> the expected result, and a cinclude which calls the external file 
>> (using http:// and
>> not the cocoon:/ protocol) -- which does not.

> Big difference between <iframe> and cinclude!!  An <iframe> says "Web 
> browser, create an area in the page display window and load it with atn 
> HTML document from this URI".  A cinclude says "Read an XML document 
> from this URI and incorporate that whole document tree as a subtree of 
> this XML tree at this location".  If it works in an <iframe>, then the 
> resource you are naming probably serves HTML — that is, a complete HTML 
> document, and I am guessing that a complete HTML document is not what 
> you want to include using cinclude... ???

> HTH,
> —ml—

Thanks for helping me out! As I said, I'm not a developer, so there's a great deal of learning
to do!

I guess what I'm wondering is, if you call a php page via some URI (e.g.,
and that php runs some functions then returns xml, should cInclude and iframe not operate
on the php page in the same way?

I realize that iframe will create a window in the page, whereas cinclude will insert the xml
nodeset (and expects xml to be returned).

For example:

I have some php that when called, creates folders on the file system, does some tasks, then
returns an xml fragment (e.g. <result>1</result> or <result>0</result>).

What's the difference if I type in to the browser, or
an iFrame uses in the src attribute, or cInclude calls
it, or xInclude?

Should the php page not be activated in any of these cases, run the functions and return the
xml for inclusion or further pipeline processing?


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