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From "Gabriele Columbro" <>
Subject Dojo and DWR integration problem
Date Thu, 07 Dec 2006 16:33:25 GMT
Hi all,
I'm stuck on an integration problem between a DWR [1] AJAX based application
and our beloved Dojo-based AJAX CForms. I know it's weird but this is the
requirement (better the context I'm working in) and I have to cope with that
(we're also not allowed to use iframes).
Basically my application works gracefully ajaxed when standalone, but not
when loaded within an XHR.
I solved the basical problems of inclusions (like xDomain scripting and
actual execution of the dojo.js file) so that now all files (directly
referenced via script and dinamically loaded via XHR) are properly loaded.
Still my form ( with ajax="true"and with dojoType="CFormsForm" ) is not
"bound" to the Dojo widget (NB: only when the page is loaded via XHR not in
the app started via a regular browser GET), and so the widget in not
connected to the event, causing a ful page refresh.
I know it's not a proper Cocoon question, and for this I asked support to
the Dojo ML, so you can have a more detailed description of the problem here

Any tip or suggestion is welcome,



Eng. Gabriele Columbro
Consultant at Sourcesense Italy
mobile: (0039)3201612846

yahoo: g.columbro
AIM:   gabrielecolumbro

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