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From "Warrell" <>
Subject RE: Question to Variables
Date Thu, 15 Feb 2007 10:04:26 GMT
Hi Florian,

At the risk of sounding patronising I have to agree when you say 'you are
missing the Wood for the Trees'. I think you may be coming to the Cocoon
framework with the mindset of simple servlet programming. As you know, in
that environment the session object is often used to maintain all
application state objects. While the advent of JDEE/EJB's attempted to
provide a more scalable architecture for building on the servlet it brought
with it an explosion in complexity and interdependency. Cocoon takes a
different approach in providing 'development compartments' which are
orthogonal or watertight from one another but organised around the notion of
XML pipelines. The various 'variables' could be described as the lines of
communication between these compartments. In the spirit of
'side-effect-free' functional programming these variables (in the main) do
not vary but are used to provide key values between the compartments. The
best way of getting your head around it is to develop a simple application
using jx generators, xsl transformers and the html serializer. Once you have
experienced the simplicity of using XML as your application state model, how
easy it is to incorporate environmental 'variables' into this document and
the power of the transformation pattern for getting things done you will
understand why Cocoon has such a loyal user-base. It does demand something
of a development mind set shift just as XSL development requires those from
an imperative programming background to learn some fundamentals.
Unfortunately too many people don't think it is worth making the effort.
Sadly they will never experience the productivity and maintenance benefits
that taking this approach delivers.


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From: Dev at weitling [] 
Sent: 14 February 2007 16:12
To: Users at Cocoon
Subject: Question to Variables

Hi, it' time to flood the list with my ignorance again... sorry.

I can't see the wood for the trees regarding variables in Cocoon. There
are variables in sitemaps, flowscript, sessions, continuations, jx...
Could someone provide an overview where (and how) to use which kind of

At the moment I just want to save a kind of global session variable to
use in cforms, flowscript and sitemap. But it's better to catch on...


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