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From "Derek Hohls" <>
Subject Re: Question to Variables
Date Thu, 15 Feb 2007 11:40:46 GMT
I think the blunt answer is that you are not going to get this;
at least not in the form you seem to want.  Cocoon has an 
on-going history of issues with the docs.  If I had Euro1M to 
invest, it would be in hiring some developers/ experts for a
few months to do a complete and total rewrite of everything.
By next Wednesday?  Sorry, but the learning curve on Cocoon
is steeper than that.  And yes, that does hinder its spread.  But
as others have pointed out "its pain now and gain later".  No 
one else can make that choice for you.

The way you need to go is to pick a sample app that is closest
to what you want and start to build it up/out.  Ask specific 
questions, with code if possible, when you get stuck and I
can say from past experience that this community will give
you good support if at all possible.

Good luck with your department! 

>>> Dev at weitling <> 2007/02/15 12:49 PM >>>

Hi Warrell,

> At the risk of sounding patronising [..]

No problem, as long as it is helpful and I'm still allowed to do my
mistakes ;-)

> [snip] you will
> understand why Cocoon has such a loyal user-base. 

I do understand this loyalty. I realized the power of Cocoon, but I
to introduce it in my department to prevent some spaghetti-coded
framework. Deadline is next wednesday.
The docs are scattered, partially duplicate or out-of-date, no real
overview (which variables are provided? how and where can I use them?
how can I introduce my own?) is provided.
This decelerates spreading of Cocoon. And it's hard to convince
colleagues from Cocoons simplicity if simple things don't work (this
will start a new thread).

Still requesting help :-|


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