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From Andre Juffer <>
Subject Cannot set property: /keywords[1]/keyword - no such property
Date Sun, 25 Feb 2007 17:14:38 GMT

I have a problem with a very simple repeater in 

This is the binding that I use:

<fb:repeater id="keywords" parent-path="." row-path="keywords">
     <fb:value id="keyword" path="keyword" />
     <fb:delete-node />
     <fb:insert-bean classname="java.lang.String"
                     addmethod="addKeyword" />

The class for which the binding is, contains, among other,

public class Specification {
   public void addCategory(String category)

There is no setCategory(String category) method.

Below is the relevant portion of the definition:

<fd:repeater id="keywords" initial-size = "1">
     <fd:field id="keyword" required="true">
      <fd:datatype base="string" />

The flow contains, among other,

var spec = new Specification();

The error message that I get when is executed is:

org.apache.commons.jxpath.JXPathException: Cannot set property: 
/keywords[1]/keyword - no such property

What exactly is the meaning of the error? Should there be a 
setCategory() method on the Specification class? That would not make 
sense to me. What is missing/wrong?


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     the Dep. of Biochemistry | Fax: +358-8-553-1141
University of Oulu, Finland  | Phone: +358-8-553 1161

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