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From Dev at weitling <>
Subject Re: How to get Avalon Component from Bean?
Date Sun, 25 Feb 2007 19:57:32 GMT
> I think the only way to obtain ServiceManager is implementing
> Serviceable interface but it will only work if your POJO is component
> and is managed as component, but it's not the case for binding. So I
> think it's possible to do this way.

So, implementing Serviceable and configuring my POJO as avalon component
should lead to call of service (at least once) ? Ok, I'll give it a try.
And I'll try a workaround by providing a Cocoon or ServiceManager object
from FlowScript.

> Maybe I was not firm enough, I'm sure it works this way, see doSave():

:-) Did you write that code?
I never would have had the idea to look there. The connection between
Flowscript and Java is one of those Cocoon mysteries.

>> What about discussing the value of documentation at the next
>> GetTogether...? The whol eproject and its spreading would win with a
>> precise and stringent docu.
> Granted, it should not be that you have to look deep into Cocoon's
> code to understand some simple common behaviors. I agree that it
> should be documented, others agree too but the lack of motivation/time
> is really our problem here.

If I dig deep enough I could find some motivation as well as some time.
But to write a tutorial I need the knowledge which is written in it -
sort of hen-egg-problem. Could be solved with a Cocoon-Camp-incubation
(or indoctrination ;-)

> Say only about me, I'm still planning to write quite big tutorial
> about Flowscript+Cforms+Templates trio, but first I would like to
> finish some changes of Cocoon's core that I work on. You can demand it
> in a month and a half :-)

Ok, I set my alarm to Sunday the 8th of April. And I put some knots in
my handkerchief.
> Why don't you read from cocoon: or context: all necessary values
> before binding anything? Do you want to achieve lazy loading for xml
> files generated by Cocoon pipelines? If so, it would be tricky.

Retrieving all necessary values before binding could work for this
simple example.

>> Example 2)
>> [...]

> I think you just should some object/relational persistence library
> like Hibernate or OJB.
> That's why I've said you are trying to reinvent the wheel. These
> libraries do exactly what you ask for in elegant way.
> My questions is, why haven't you chosen this kind of library from the
> beginning and trying to implement theirs functionality instead?

Oh, I did. But yesterday, there wasn't a deadline hanging over me, oh I
long for yesterday...
And I'm not sure if it would really solve my problems. At the first it's
increasing the complexity and the points my config could fail. I try to
keep it simple and the number of my problems constant.

Meet at the next Cocoon mystery, Thanks :)

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