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From km <>
Subject Re: Re: Problem with PDF and Cocoon
Date Mon, 05 Feb 2007 12:42:59 GMT
Thank you for the answer. 
The pictures are in database and they are called as a webservice. when I do a static file
( and put this file on generator, no transform, only with  fo2pdf serializer,
then pictures are called twice too.
I use a standard serializer from cocoon 2.1.
Kris Probably best to post some "test case" code so
otherscan try and reproduce your error (esp. if it happenswith static files as well).
&gt;&gt;&gt; km &lt;; 2007/02/04 05:15:19 PM
I use Apache and Cocoon 2.1 to create a PDF Document.
I use to do it webservices - one for a content and picture_id, and
the next one to call pictures from database. Everything work almost
perfectly - I have only one problem when I call a picture. Every
picture is twice called, I don't know why, becouse in my
xsl-fo.xsl it is only a one structure to get the picture. It is
undepent from the source - the same problem is when I use the
document from a static file (not from Webservice from database).
Can someone help me? I can not explain why it do so.
Please and thanks
Krzysztof Murmylo
Mobil: +49 179 31 53 791
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Krzysztof Murmylo
Mobil: +49 179 31 53 791
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