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From "Gajo Csaba" <>
Subject How to use esql:more-results ?
Date Wed, 21 Feb 2007 12:22:48 GMT

I'm looking at the tutorial on Apache's web site. It says I can limit my  
search query by using <esql:max-rows>. OK this works well, but now I'd  
like to add paging. According to the tutorial I should use the  
<esql:previous-results> and <esql:more-results> tags to archieve paging. I  
was guessing that if I write text between these tags, Cocoon will turn  
them into links which I will be able to click on. What happens is I get a  
simple text saying there are more results. How can I turn this into a  
link? I mean, how can I tell ESQL that I want to go to the next page?

In a separate matter, I was using <esql:no-results> to display text when  
there are no results. What happens is that this tag displays text when  
there ARE results, and doesn't display anything when there aren't. What am  
I doing wrong?

I was using the following example from the Apache Cocoon site:

     <esql:query>SELECT mycolumn1,mycolumn2 FROM table</esql:query>
         <esql:previous-results>previous rows  
         <esql:more-results>more rows available</esql:more-results>
              <td><esql:get-string column="mycolumn1"/></td>
              <td><esql:get-string column="mycolumn2"/></td>
     <esql:error-results>An error occurred</esql:error-results>
        <p>Sorry, no results!</p>

Thanks, Csaba

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