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From "Robin Rigby" <>
Subject RE: Instances and sessions
Date Mon, 02 Apr 2007 15:07:49 GMT
Yes, I think (I need to check) that is the Host under which the servlet is
started (in Tomcat's server / service / engine / host / context hierarchy).
In the default case, localhost.  I don't _think_ the host header makes a
difference on a request by request basis.  It's done by Tomcat, not Cocoon.
The HostSelector and VirtualHostMatcher are based on host headers, am I

Either way, I expect that creating virtual hosts in Tomcat will cure the
problem.  Then I have a separate Cocoon context for each virtual host.

The question that remains is whether it's best to have separate copies of
the code?  If not, they will all share whatever is in WEB-INF but it should
be easier to manage.  Separate logging for each virtual host may be tricky.
What have people found in practice? 


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From: Tobia [] 
Sent: 02 April 2007 15:09
Subject: Re: Instances and sessions

Robin Rigby wrote:
> I have several virtual hosts working with HostSelector, all on the
> same instance of cocoon in Tomcat 5.5.  I am getting naming conflicts
> between session variables with the same name in different virtual hosts.

How exactly are you getting conflicts?

My understanding of web applications in general is that session
variables are based on a session cookie (or url rewriting if cookies are
not available) and cookies are bound to the host that initially set them.


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